What Is Hair Mesotherapy?

What Is Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair Mesotherapy, vitamins, minerals, etc. that the hair needs. is injected into the scalp with small needles. Hair Mesotherapy is the application of vitamins, antioxidants and drugs that increase blood circulation to the hair follicles by means of an injector. This injection into the dermis increases the stimulation of cellular metabolism. In this way, the tissues are revitalized.
It is made by deciding the number of sessions according to the needs of the hair and the hair characteristics of the person.
Hair Mesotherapy can be applied to women and men, has no side effects.

Mesotherapy for hair loss:
Stress-induced hair loss,
Seasonal hair loss,
Metabolic hair loss,
Sudden hair loss after pregnancy
Hair mesotherapy is a method used to improve the quality of existing hair while reducing hair loss on the one hand.

Hair Mesotherapy is recommended;

Alopecia Areata,
Genetic male pattern hair loss,
Spills in women,
Hair weakening in the region after injury and accident.

How Much Does Minutes Continue?

1 Session mesotherapy process lasts up to 30 min. 4-6 sessions in 1 year is done in the range of 21 days to 30 days.