What is Eyebrow Treatment? What are the Stages of Eyebrow Treatment?

What is Eyebrow Treatment?

Like other hairs and feathers in our body, it can be poured from the eyebrows that are used wrongly by the eyebrows and the wrong made eyebrow tattoos. These spills can sometimes be caused by stress like other hair follicles. Some types of eyebrow shedding can be misleading. Operation in such a case can damage hair follicles. Eyebrow transplantation has long been recommended for people who have had eyebrow problems.

Besides, aesthetic methods such as permanent make-up can damage the hair follicles in the eyebrow region. Many people have lost their eyebrows permanently because of the wrong and cheap materials. After permanent makeup, hair follicles are fed less than normal and cannot be protected. A permanent make-up or tattoo removal by amateur people can cause scarring in the eyebrow area and damage to the hair follicles.

How is Eyebrow Treatment Done?

How is Eyebrow Treatment Done?

The operation of the eyebrow planting takes about 1.5-2 hours and is performed under local anesthesia. In the sowing area there is a small pin head size of up to 1 week. Since these shells will be shed in a short time, they do not separate the person from daily work and social life. 15 days to swim, sauna, solarium, bath, hot sun and heavy sports should avoid. Planted eyebrows start to come out after 3 months from the date of operation and in 7-8 months, completes its output and takes its final shape. Eyebrows sown during the first year will show the characteristics of the area they are taken from and they will grow like hair. The ends should be trimmed at certain intervals to be corrected. After 1 year, the eyebrows begin to acquire the characteristics of the place they were transported. The transplanted hair follicles are accustomed to the blood circulation of the transplant site over time.

Stages of brow cultivation;


The area in which the person wants to be sown is determined and the number of grafts (hair follicles) that can be planted is calculated.


The hair follicles to be used in eyebrow suturing are taken from the hair between the two ears with the help of a micro-motor. The hair follicles are shaved off and the local anesthesia is numb. The hair follicles taken from this area are cleaned, counted and stacked to be kept in special solutions. This process takes approximately 1 hour.

Stages of brow cultivation


Planned to be made in October, the region where local anesthesia is anesthetized, opens the channels where the grafts will be planted in the natural aspects of the eyebrow. This process takes approximately 30 min-1 hour.


The third operation is the final stage of the operation. The grafts which are kept in solution containers are carefully planted in channels opened by means of a tweezer-like tool, which we call pliers, without damaging the roots. This process lasts about 1 hour and the last process of the transplantation is completed and the person is discharged by doing the dressing.